(From Forbes.com):

Do Employers Really Care About Your College Grades?

Do inflated grades help students get jobs?

The short answer: Yes.

A much-circulated story in The Harvard Crimson this week got people talking about how much college grades matter. According to the Crimson, Jay M. Harris, Harvard’s Dean of Admissions, admitted that the median grade Harvard awards students is an A-, and the most frequently given grade is an A. Harvard’s grade inflation begs the question: Do high grades help students get internships and full-time jobs?

Harvard didn’t respond to my questions about why the school inflates grades, except to email a prepared statement confirming that Dean Harris’s comments were accurate and adding an oddly off-point assertion: “We believe that learning is the most important thing that happens in our classrooms.” When I emailed spokesman Jeff Neal, asking him to put me in touch with career services (I wanted to ask whether Harvard’s intention was to help students get jobs), he didn’t answer. READ MORE HERE