(from The Federalist):

By David Sabey

Some of my previous students are now my Facebook friends. One is enamored of Bernie Sanders, who seems to have truly inspired him to be more actively involved in community service and political activism. Since Sanders’ concession to and endorsement of Hillary Clinton, this student has shifted his allegiance to Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein.

On Facebook this young man recently posted something like “Never forget what Bernie said.” In an effort to woo potential voters like my student, Clinton has adopted some of Sanders’ positions, most obviously his plan for (mostly) tuition-free college.

As an educator, I appreciate the sentiment behind this plan: Education matters, and we should try to make it both accessible and excellent. American colleges do underserve minority and low-income students, many of whom would struggle to pay for any amount of post-secondary education, and college tuition in general is unreasonably high, often costing more than it’s worth. Still, I hope we will not make college tuition-free for most or all students, as Clinton’s latest Bernie-flavored plan proposes. CONTINUE READING HERE