(From RealClearPolicy):

By Thomas K. Lindsay

Take this quiz. In which of the following venues — (a) The New York Times or (b) Fox News — did the following report appear? “Teacher[s] . . . [are] frightened of the pupils and fawn on them.” The “students make light of their teachers. . . . And, generally, the young copy their elders and compete with them in speeches and deeds, while the old come down to the level of the young; imitating the young, they are overflowing with . . . charm, and that’s so that they won’t seem to be unpleasant or despotic.”

The answer is “none of the above.” This account is nearly 2,500 years old, coming from Socrates in Plato’sRepublic, and is part of an analysis of how democratic freedom, taken to its extreme, can culminate in collective tyranny.  CONTINUE READING HERE