Question: If those who can’t do, teach, and if those who can’t teach, administer, then what do those who can’t administer do?

Answer: They get raises and a bigger staff.

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Wasteful and Inept Administrators Are Ruining Our Colleges

By Benjamin Ginsberg

Since the early years of the 20th century, America has boasted the world’s finest universities, but that rosy picture is fading.  The lower quality of American college graduates, the shift of foreign students to Asian and European schools and the slippage in the global rankings of American universities signal a serious decline — this at a time when higher education is essential for America’s economic growth and ultimately for its survival as leading world power.

One reason for this change is the transformation within the academic community.  Today’s great universities were created by faculty who-contrary to the myth of the impractical professor-often turned out to be excellent entrepreneurs and managers.  Over the last several decades, however, America’s universities have been taken over by a burgeoning class of administrators and staffers determined to transform colleges into top-heavy organizations run by inept bureaucrats. READ MORE