Legislative greed and misology are on display in Tennessee.  Due to manifest ignorance of what is cutting-edge in higher education, state legislators have denied funding for a university event that includes presentations on matters of the highest intellectual import, among them, sexual bondage expertise; scavenger hunts for Golden Condoms; and presentations on oral sex.

What will be cut next? –Plato’s Republic?

U. of Tennessee Pulls State Money for ‘Sex Week’ Event

(From the Chronicle of Higher Education)

The University of Tennessee at Knoxville says it won’t provide state money to support a “Sex Week” event after some lawmakers questioned the use of public funds that had been earmarked for the program, according to The Knoxville News-Sentinel.

Some Republicans in the statehouse this week questioned the workshop’s subject matter, with one senator suggesting that a legislative committee should reconsider its approval of the campus’s budget, the newspaper reported. Among students, however, the event has generated little controversy. . . .