(From NonProfitQuarterly.org):

By Rick Cohen

Remember the unusual practice of the president of the University of Texas-Austin to admit applicants who didn’t meet school standards because they happened to have been connected to a trustee or, even better, a Texas state legislator? The UT system acknowledged the practice and said it was basically OK. And remember the reaction of the state legislature to the member of the board of regents, one Wallace Hall,whose own investigation revealed this practice? The state legislature tried to get him kicked off the board, impeached, and otherwise driven out of the position.

The story has continued. We covered it at first because of the role of the trustee, since NPQ pays a lot of attention to the governing responsibilities of board members. So often, we encounter troubled organizations whose boards are comatose or have board members disinclined to look into managerial practices that might be embarrassing or worse. In this case, the board member took his job seriously. CONTINUE READING HERE