(from Intellectual Takeout):

By Anne Holmquist

We’ve probably all known some young person who has gone to college, successfully earned his degree… and then ended up with an entry-level position in an office. It’s a bit disappointing, particularly if that same student racked up thousands of dollars in debt in order to do so.

Unfortunately, this scenario appears to be a fact of life for the world we live in. If you want a job that pays a decent wage, you have to pay to play.

But according to a new study released by the Harvard Business School, that doesn’t have to be the case. Recognizing that many of today’s apprenticeship positions are clustered in a few manual labor trades, researchers Joseph Fuller and Matthew Sigelman decided to examine whether this model of higher education can be extended to other, more lucrative and career-expansive jobs. Their findings show that many of today’s job listings are demanding an unnecessary 4-year college degree. CONTINUE READING HERE