(From Forbes.com):

By Thomas K. Lindsay

In a recent editorial, U.S. Senator, Lamar Alexander (R-TN), offers a sensible proposal designed to help make college more affordable and, with it, reduce student-loan debt. His scheme, to give universities “skin in the game” when it comes to student-loan debt, should be taken seriously, given his wealth of experience in higher education—as current chairman of the Senate’s education committee, past secretary of Department of Education, and past president of the University of Tennessee. Unfortunately, beneath Alexander’s reasonable proposal and sterling résumé lies a less-than-reasonable attachment to the very policies—federally subsidized student loans and Income-Based Repayment plans—that are in no small part responsible for the college-affordability crisis.

Or is there a crisis? The title of Alexander’s piece, “College is Too Expensive? That’s a Myth,” denies it. Affording college, says the senator, is “easier than most people think.” The real problem, he argues, is that “some politicians and pundits” assert that “students can’t afford a college education. That’s wrong.” Why?  CONTINUE READING HERE