Note by Thomas Lindsay:
  SeeThruEdu was alerted to the following ad posted by Hamilton College (below), which announces separate meetings–one for “whites,” and another for “people of color.”
Over the past half-century, leading academic thought in the West has come to regard, and to teach, that race, class, and gender are the irreducible factors driving human history.  Sadly, but logically, this worldview–which regards that which separates us as more fundamental than what unites us as human beings–has culminated practically in the reintroduction of segregation, which at Hamilton, is taking place currently along racial lines.
In short, postmodern anthropology preaches “inclusion” but practices separatism.  Equally chilling: As separatism grows, so must misunderstanding, alienation, and resulting strife. 
All of which cannot help but bring to mind the motto inscribed on the Ministry of Truth in Orwell’s dystopic 1984: 
“War is Peace.  Freedom is Slavery. Ignorance is Strength.”
       From the DIVERSITY OFFICE at Hamilton College
  “Real Talk: A Dialogue about Internalized Racism:  Conversations about race in the U.S. mostly focus on race relations between white communities and people of color. However, people of color are also prone top internalize racist messages about their own community, and about other races/ethnicities/people of color. This conversation allows people of color to come together and examine how we may have accepted racist attitudes toward other racial groups and our own racial/ethnic communities, and move towards healing and mutual respect. In order to create a safe space, this program is open to people of color only. A similar conversation for white students, faculty and staff is planned for the spring semester. Dinner will be provided. [Emphasis added – TL]”