Events over the last 72 hours prove the following maxim: University corruption, like Count Dracula, flees before the sunlight of transparency.  

Shortly after, along with other reform organizations, publicized Hamilton College’s race-segregated meetings, the College capitulated.

Saturday afternoon, published “Race-Based Segregation at Hamilton College.”  Sunday night, as reported in, Hamilton backed down: 

“The following email was sent out at 8:33 p.m. Sunday night (emphasis added):

Dear Hamilton Community Members:

Over the weekend, I have had a range of reactions to my invitation to the Real Talk Dialogue series – an idea that emerged from discussions with students. The goal was to facilitate dialogue across and within racial groups through a three-part series of incremental conversations. My intent was to be inclusive but my phrasing suggested otherwise. I think it is a good idea now to pause and reflect on how we structure conversations about race. As a result, I invite all interested members of the community to come to a re-envisioned dialogue this Thursday at 4:15 p.m. to address two central questions: What does a meaningful dialogue about race look like? How can we best structure such a dialogue? Together we can figure out how to proceed in ways that make clear the inclusiveness of our community and our collective commitment to equity, understanding and mutual respect.


Amit Taneja
Director, Diversity & Inclusion”