(From the New York Post):


College debt is ruining lives


‘Help Jenna join the Convent!” A number of friends posted the link from fund-raising site YouCaring.com to Facebook, so I clicked. Jenna Andrews, it turns out, is a 30-year-old Catholic convert who’s trying to join the Dominican Sisters of Hawthorne this fall. The Westchester-based order is devoted to caring for destitute cancer patients at the end of their lives. But it can’t accept Jenna until she pays off her $32,336 worth of student loans.

This is not a scam, folks. Last year, Georgetown’s Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate reported that a lot of seminary candidates are “too poor to take the vow of poverty”: Many religious institutions are rejecting candidates who have too much educational debt. . . .  Of course, it’s not just the religious being sent off course by student loans.  READ MORE HERE