(from Forbes):

By Thomas K. Lindsay

As the campus culture wars grind on, two new groups have emerged—the hypersensitive and the guilty. Anticipating the first of these, I argued here that, under the tutelage of the campus PC/SJW crowd, sensitivity has been “weaponized.” Much of the media criticism of campus censorship suggests that it culminates in the creation of “little snowflakes,” that is, weak, timid individuals. That’s not wrong, but it misses the whole picture. Although some of the PC/SJW-indoctrinated students will doubtless come to embody timidity, their turning to violence—as we have seen on a number of campuses—is just as likely a result. Further, and most important, it is those against whom left-wing hypersensitivity is aimed who will truly become snowflakes. They will and are intended to grow powerless through “historical guilt.”

Regarding the violence-spawning effects of hypersensitivity, I looked to Roy Baumeister’s Evil: Inside Human Cruelty and Violence, which finds that “hypersensitive people, who often think their pride is being assaulted, are potentially dangerous.” He goes on to explain how “hypersensitivity to insults also makes it possible to understand what might otherwise appear to be senseless violence. . . . Many violent people believe that their actions were justified by the offensive acts of the person who became their victim.” CONTINUE READING HERE