(from Forbes):

By Thomas K. Lindsay

Nicki Minaj just became a higher-education philanthropist. But her well-intentioned generosity could ensnarl her in significant debt of her own. Here’s how it happened.

As reported by Avalon Zoppo on NBCNews.com, Grammy nominee Minaj announced on social media that she would pay the college tuition of one of her followers and “opened up the opportunity to others”: “Show me straight A’s that I can verify with your school and I’ll pay it,” wrote Minaj. “Who wants to join THAT contest?!?! Dead serious. Should I set it up?”

NBC reports that Minaj made the funding pledge to “over a dozen fans.” So long as she limits her commitment to this number, she will be able to keep some of her money for herself. But if she intends to pay the tuitions or student loans for all who can “show straight A’s,” she’s in deep trouble. Why? The answer reveals a little-known, but very dirty, secret of American education—massive grade inflation. CONTINUE READING HERE