(From Forbes.com):

Measuring a College’s Worth: The Grateful Grads Index

By Matt Schifrin

This is the time of year when high school seniors and their parents make their final decisions about which college they will attend over the next four years. It can be a gut-wrenching ordeal especially given that it now costs nearly $250,000 for four years at a private college. For many families, it’s a bigger financial decision than buying a house.

One of the perennial topics of discussion among parents and pundits is which schools provide the greatest return-on-investment (ROI)?

Economists have long debated this and a slew of Web sites and college rankers report stats (including Forbes) to help you make your decision. Given the obvious affordability issues and out-of-control student loan situation, the Obama administration recently launched an interactive College Scorecard web site to help families make smarter college planning decisions.  The problem with the White House’s new offering is that it gives you little guidance about the“return on investment” part of the college planning process. The government’s scorecard web site has yet to report any specific employment data by college.

I have an idea for an alternative measure to determine the ROI of a particular college and I call it the Grateful Graduates Index. READ MORE HERE