We’ve undertaken the training of high school civics teachers from across Texas. The Summer Institute for High School Civics Teachers is able to train high school teachers how to instruct American civics courses accurately and thoroughly. With an increasing number of schools distorting or avoiding American history, the Summer Institute fortifies teachers against the prevailing tide of political correctness by building up the skills necessary to lead civics courses.

During the week of June 24, 2019, TPPF hosted the first Summer Institute for High School Civics Teachers at our Austin headquarters. Fourteen Texas high school teachers participated in the weeklong session. The most important takeaway from the first class was the urgency of the civics education problem and the necessity for a solution. Also, one teacher put into perspective exactly how severe the civics crisis is, stating, “Kids come to school already cynical about America by middle school age.” Every teacher echoed the same sentiment.

The training session effectively communicated the proper skills and knowledge necessary for high school teachers to combat the pitfalls in schools.