(from RealClear Investigations):

By Ashe Schow

The music was thumping at the sprawling brick fraternity house as the Valentine’s Eve bash stretched into the wee Sunday hours in Chapel Hill. Students danced on a makeshift living-room dance floor while chugging beer from plastic cups.

University of North Carolina football player Allen Artis hit it off with Delaney Robinson after being introduced by a teammate. As the party wound down, the two students kissed outside — not in farewell, but as a prelude. They left together.

Artis, then 19 and a full-scholarship sophomore defensive back from Marietta, Ga., was pursuing a business and economics double major. He had had a few beers and shots throughout that evening, but did not appear intoxicated. Neither did Robinson, an attractive brunette freshman from the prosperous Raleigh suburb of Apex who had also been drinking.

They got into an Uber car with another couple – Artis’s teammate and a close girlfriend of Robinson’s — for the short trip to the on-campus Rams Village apartments. Security logs show the four arrived there around 2:50 a.m. on Feb. 14, 2016. They then paired off, with each young woman accompanying one of the players to his apartment.

Robinson’s friend would later testify that as they split off to go with the men, Robinson shot her a knowing glance – a sign she interpreted to mean that Robinson knew what she was doing and had the situation in hand.

Robinson and Artis had sex that night — that is not in dispute. Much else would be, though, after she lodged a rape accusation, touching off a 17-month legal ordeal. CONTINUE READING HERE