(From the Hechinger Report):

Conventional college route shifts to “education buffet”


Danine Adams has taken a few courses at a four-year university, some at a community college, and still more online while working all over the country as an investigator for the federal Bureau of Prisons—career experience that she has also been able to transform into academic credit.

A little from here. A little from there. And now Adams, who is 42, is just a few credits shy of earning a bachelor’s degree.

I’m the whole ball of wax,” she says cheerfully: “on-campus education, community college, online classes, life experience.”

She’s also a forerunner of a new type of college student, one who doesn’t start and finish at a single brick-and-mortar campus, but picks and chooses credits toward a degree or job from a veritable buffet of education options.  READ MORE HERE