(from Forbes):

By Thomas K. Lindsay

If shifting blame to others was a virtue, the U.S. higher education establishment would be poised for sainthood.

A recent study shows that college tuitions nationwide have spiked 538% from 1985 to 2013, “compared with a 286 percent jump in medical costs and a 121 percent gain in the consumer price index.” In an attempt to keep pace with these historic price increases, students and their parents have amassed historic student-loan debt, which today is close to $1.3 trillion, which is more than total national credit card debt. No surprise, another study finds that 27.3% of student borrowers are now in default on their loans.

Quite the crisis, no doubt. Who’s to blame? You are.

So says a higher education group called the “Lincoln Project: Excellence and Access in Public Higher Education.” Its recent report begins its charge by informing readers that it has considered the implications of reduced state investment in public higher education; assessed the role of the federal government in funding our great public research universities; and developed recommendations for ensuring that public universities continue to serve the nation.” CONTINUE READING HERE