(From Reason.com):

By Nick Gillespie

“Government Attempts at College Cost Transparency Ineffective, May Make Decision-Making Worse”

That’s the subject-line heading for an email about a new study from the liberal-bashing reactionary conservatives—I kid, I kid—over at the Brookings Institution.

In a paper by Phillip B. Levine of Wellesley College finds that most college-cost calculators, including ones produced by the White House and the U.S Department of Education, are confusing and terrible. This is particularly harmful to lower-income Americans, who simply assume that college, a proven way to move up the income ladder, is beyond reach under any circumstance. The typical family with college-age kids has annual income of about $68,000 and a net worth of $55,000 (most of it a house). “For families with those financial resources,” writes Levine, “and certainly for those with fewer, the cost of college is clearly unaffordable.”  CONTINUE READING HERE