Help Reform America’s Higher Education System

Help Reform America’s Higher Education System

Higher education is more than just job training. Its purpose is to instruct students in the political, moral, and philosophical foundations of America and, thus, prepare them for leadership.

UnlockHigherEd’s contributors are some of the nation’s best and most experienced scholars and thinkers regarding higher education. They are passionate about reforming higher education because it is vitally important to the future leaders of this country, but is in poor shape. Students in today’s colleges and universities:

— Face tuition expenses that can equal the cost of a new house;
— Learn from questionable, politically-charged academic instruction, even at prestigious universities;
— Suffer suppression of free speech and expression;
— Experience grade inflation, poor workforce preparation, and lack of accountability for all these failings.

UnlockHigherEd answers each of these issues by advocating for affordability, free speech, civic learning, academic integrity, solutions to high student loan debt, grade transparency, and full accountability by professors, administrators, and government—all with the goal to return higher education to its proper role of creating America’s future leaders.

Join us and help reform American higher education. The future of our nation depends on it.

Unlock Higher Education is a national initiative of Texas Public Policy Foundation, a non-profit organization. Your contribution is fully tax deductible.

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