(from Forbes.com):

By Ryan Craig

I met my wife the first day of college. According to our wedding announcement in theNew York Times, she remembered “going to her first class… without doing her homework. She was not alone. ‘We were supposed to have started reading Homer’s Iliad over the summer, but none of us had,’ she said. Then Mr. Craig walked in, carrying three translations of The Iliad. ‘He was enough of a geek to walk in with three translations,’ she said. ‘And I was enough of a geek to be impressed by it.’”

When really good things happen, we like to call it fate or destiny. The truth is I wasn’t sure which translation we were using, so I borrowed books from two friends – having read none of them. This small decision, combined with the right set of circumstances, continues to pay off every day.

On the flip side, when really bad things happen, it’s also often the result of small decisions and the wrong set of circumstances. CONTINUE READING HERE