(from Forbes):

By Thomas K. Lindsay

For a country founded on the principle of human equality, it’s jolting to read of “White Student Unions” rising on, of all places, college campuses. So shocking is it that, at first, some in the media deemed it merely a “hoax.” Would that it were. However, subsequent journalistic investigation confirms it as fact.  A number of American, as well as Canadian, universities now boast such race-based organizations.

Why would some students promote the racial separatism that the Declaration of Independence, which announces that all are “created equal,” set out to destroy? The answer is as sad as the development itself: Racial separatism is what is now taught in too many universities. More precisely, what we teach provides no principled barrier to separatist agendas.

How did this transmogrification occur? We begin to glean the answer on examining the Declaration of Independence’s “theory of justice,” which informed the construction of the Constitution. CONTINUE READING HERE