(From PopeCenter.org):

Academic Scandal at Winston-Salem State

Administrators at the university sacrifice academic integrity to make the school’s results look better.

By Shira Hedgepeth

I worked at Winston-Salem State University (WSSU) for more than four years, rising to the post of director of academic technology in the school’s Information Technology Department. My first position at the school was that of instructional designer in the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning, which had been formed to address growing concern over student failure rates.

My job was to assist faculty in the implementation of technology into their pedagogy to provide a better learning experience for the students.

Although all instructors were granted the opportunity to attend training and receive assistance, courses with high drop, fail, and withdrawal (DFW) rates were specifically targeted. Most schools track this information. Trends in this data provide the administration the opportunity improve course outcomes and increase instructor and student successes.  READ MORE HERE