(From PopeCenter.org):

By Adam Kissel

When Columbia University’s Multicultural Affairs Advisory Board complained a few weeks ago that “many texts in the Western canon [contain] triggering and offensive material that marginalizes student identities,” I thought of China, whose education minister vowed to ban “textbooks promoting Western values” earlier this year.

The rise of intolerance on campus and beyond makes a new book by columnist and television commentator Kirsten Powers a must-read. If you do not yet believe that American higher education is smothered in intolerance of diverse ideas, read The Silencing: How the Left is Killing Free Speech.Authoritarian nations like China might be expected to shut down any prospect of a free exchange of ideas, but American students, American professors, and American university presidents all too frequently try to marginalize and ban disfavored words, values, and ideas.  CONTINUE READING HERE