(From MindingtheCampus.com):

A Fair and Balanced View of For-Profit Colleges

By George Leef

When you stop and think, it’s unfair to the many writers at the New York Timeswho produce columns that don’t have an ideological edge, to tar them with the brush that is rightly applied to its overwhelmingly unfair and unbalanced editorial pages. Just because the most conspicuous part of a newspaper is terribly slanted is not a good reason to think badly of the rest of it. Guilt by association is always a bad, illogical practice.

What occasions that introduction is a recent New York Times piece by writer Eduardo Porter, “The Bane and the Boon of For-Profit Colleges.” Because many liberal politicians (most notably Iowa’s Tom Harkin) have had knives drawn against for-profit higher education, you might expect that the Times would take the same stance, but Porter’s article is not a hit piece at all. READ MORE HERE