(From RealClearPolicy.com):

By Thomas K. Lindsay

A Marxist historian told me sharply some 30 years ago: “The left’s decisive advantage is this: We will ‘waste’ money on projects for years, decades, in order to raise public consciousness, whereas quintessential Americanism lives and dies tethered to its god of the quarterly profit. Viewing education as a business is your fatal flaw.”

He might think his forecast vindicated by the New York Times‘ recent sale of the Boston Globe. A Boston Herald story sparked speculation that the Times rejected a higher bid from a conservative in order to ensure the Globe stayed in reliably leftist hands. If true, the account is instructive: A conservative might say, “Fools, you squandered millions in service to your ideology!” The left’s rejoinder: “Fools, we invested millions in changing hearts and minds. In time, these converts will help us take back those millions, and more — from you!” READ MORE HERE