2019-20 Legislature Update: Debunking the Top Myths Regarding Higher Education

By Thomas Lindsay, Ph.D.|August 24, 2018


What you don’t know about higher education could cost you a lot! Read here to learn the reality behind the myths.

Key points

  • Across the country, including Texas, an alarming number of universities have earned the worst rating (“Red Light”) for free speech protection.
  • College tuition prices have skyrocketed, increasing faster than both inflation and health care costs.
  • Texas launched the first Affordable Baccalaureate Program in 2014. All public colleges and universities should adopt it.
  • By 2015, 25 million postsecondary students had taken online courses. The number of students studying on physical campuses alone fell from 2010’s 14.4 million to 4.1 million in 2015.