It’s no secret that the job market is tough for today’s college graduates and with student loan debt reaching an all-time high of $1.2 trillion, one would think that colleges might start cracking down to ensure that obtaining a higher education is worth the time and money. Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to be the case as more and more institutions insist on teaching courses that fail to properly market students to potential employers and prepare them for future careers. Read on to discover 13 more ridiculous college courses and, if you missed it, be sure to check out the first installment of crazy classes.

1. How to Win a Beauty Pageant – Oberlin College

Students enrolled in this course will analyze the history of beauty pageants in order to gain a better understanding of the roles of race, gender, class, sexuality and nation. Hey – if all else fails, at least these kids will have fabulous hair.

2. Lady Gaga and the Sociology of Fame – University of South Carolina-Columbia

Calling all Little Monsters: this is the class for you! You can obsess over Lady Gaga while studying her fame and status as pop royalty. What more can you ask for? 

3. Gossip – Cornell University

Pssst! This graduate (yeah, you heard that right) course focuses “attention on the philosophical traditions in which gossip has been devalued” and investigates “the ways in which gossip may produce provisional maps of the world.” Secrets, secrets are no fun – unless you are a part of one!

4. Why Play Matters – Alfred University

Take a stroll down memory lane as you learn how to channel your inner child through the art of play. This class also teaches the significance of playfulness at all ages and includes “playtime.” So basically, it’s recess.

5. Tattoos in American Popular Culture – Pitzer College

According to its description, “this course examines how tattoos are depicted in U.S. popular culture and the meanings and significations that accompany these representations.” Because that’s exactly the kind of knowledge employers are looking for.

6. Simpsons and Philosophy – University of California at Berkeley

This class, self-described as “fairly rigorous,” attempts to answer the age-old question: “Can Nietzsche’s rejection of traditional morality justify Bart’s bad behavior?” The only appropriate response to that? D’oh!

7. The Amazing World of Bubbles – Cal Tech

This captivating course carefully examines bubbles to determine their potential to produce energy. Doesn’t sound crazy at all…

8. Pottery and Politics: Examining the Art and Politics of Tea Culture in Japan – Albion College

Here are a few subjects that clearly go hand-in-hand: pottery and politics and tea. According to its description, this class “emphasizes the artistic and meditative execution of tea making with wares of art for tea making and tea consumption, in addition to the study of the practicality of tea as a vehicle for political negotiation, deliberation and social interaction in Japan.” Makes perfect sense, right?

9. The Unbearable Whiteness of Barbie – Occidental College

Are you a Barbie girl who’s always dreamed of examining the “scientific racism [that] has been put to use in the making of Barbie”? Well great news: this class is calling your name.

10. Learning from YouTube – Pitzer College

It’s a really good thing we’re paying our professors so generously because this class is taught entirely via YouTube. We’re assuming the homework is filming cats doing funny things. 

11. Maple Syrup: The Real Thing – Alfred University

This course analyzes Native Americans’ maple syrup production techniques and allows students to make and eat syrupy-y concoctions. This might make for a sticky situation when it comes time to translate those skills onto a resume.

12. Vines to Wines – West Virginia University

Yes, that’s right. West Virginia University offers a class about wine that will arm you with knowledge on “present-day grape and wine production with special emphasis on origins, botany, appreciation, historical and cultural significance.” Just one question: do you have to be 21 to enroll?

13. Business of NASCAR – Elon University

How much money does NASCAR make in a year? Well, you have to take the “Business of NASCAR” to find that out – along with how it feels to drive in circles at 150 mph. Because paying thousands of dollars to enroll in the course is the only way to accomplish those things.